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tv   Local 12 News at 5  CBS  March 2, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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being dropped off. students returned to school two days after a 14-year-old boy shot classmates in the high school cafeteria. madison staff, gave them a welcome. >> and larry davis joins us live from the school with the efforts to at least try to return to a normal routine, larry. >> things went better than expected today. matter of fact, superintendent says, we had a good day. matter of fact, he said, not that many students stayed away from school. and not that many asked for counselling. there were high fives this morning as students returned to class. staff members greeted them on buses. there was increased community around the campus. monday's shooting shook the sense of security at madison
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the shooting, that happened on monday, will not set madison back. >> walking in, it was weird. i mean, it didn't feel right. i started talking to my friends. it got a little better. i couldn't believe what happened. nothing happens in our school. not expecting it and, got to move on. >> kids were pretty much acting normal. we may have had a couple of kids that chose not to go to the lunch room. it seemed very normal. it seemed typical. we had a lot of familiar faces, lot of support in the cafeteria to help kids feel at ease. >> the anxiety some of the students felt when they gotten near the of the caeria. the energy was actually very high. while some stayed away, others actually tossed it to a lot of
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who were inside the cafeteria. superintendent says last night's walk at the high school was very, very important because parents and students came back to the school and he says, that got them back into the swing of things, if you will, getting together with their staff members and teachers as well. he said that really brought things back to normal again. again, and even though some stayed clear of the of the cafeteria, things were pretty much back to normal in madison senior junior high. >> and how did the teachers do? we forgot about the teachers the past couple of days. they are so busy helping the kids? >> right. superintendent phil pot says while not a lot of students, while some students did have counselling, there were some very emotional teachers as well. they went through a lot. some attended to some of the wounded on monday. they, too have gone through a lot as i mentioned.
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he said the counselling will be available as long as it is needed here. >> larry, thanks very much. his aunt released a statement. we are devastated by austin's actions at school on monday. we pray for the immediate recovery of the injured students and for the healing of the entire community. our family has lived in the community our entire lives and we never expected anyone to experience the event that occurred on monday and we certainly didn't expect that one of our family members would be involved. >> one of the teenagers wounded on monday shared his account. brent murray ended with two pieces shrapnel in his leg. he was extremely calm when he described sitting next to hancock. he said hancock simply stood up
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that cool head may have saved his life. >> i grabbed my friend. and he ran out after he shot the two kids next to me. >> minutes later, brent's mom heard rumbleings and received a phone call from brent's principal. >> it was very terrifying, because you hear about multiple gunshots and 8th graders being involved. my son is in the 8th grade. >> ahead on local 12 news live at k, you'll hear the emergency communications that paint a picture of what first responders dealt with on monday. and after police say he threatened two fellow students. extra officers were on hand, as school started. the incident happened yesterday. the spokesperson says, no weapon was involved but investigators say a 15-year-old boy made the threat.
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we sent a message via e-mail last night, followed a message to all parents in the community this morning. and also alerted parents via facebook. >> the student has been suspended. two students who were threatened were not injured. attendants of the high school was normal today. local man faces a child endangering charge after an infant in his care stopped breathing. he took the two-month old girl to children's hospital on february 17th. police say they were called the next day and noticed the burst of the blood vessel in the girl's eye as well as multiple rib fractures. he went into the baby's room after they heard him crying. sounds like the chill in the air will stick around for at
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>> erica is talking cold, rain and snow, no wake weather. >> we're tracking the next system to bring us kind after mix bag of precipitation. this evening, i don't want you to worry about any rain or snow. we will not see any. we have very dry air across the local viewing area. we are being looking live. ridge of high pressure, keeping us fairly quiet. we're at 37 degrees. dew points in the low to mid-teens. very dry air. that's why we don't have a lot of clouds around. we will wait a while. and winds around 10 miles an hour, out of the west. most of us in the mid 30s. mam milton, 37. lower 30s for wilmington at 33. winds are little bit variable, between 5-10 miles an hour. it's not as windy as last night. we won't be windy this evening. they will continue to switch around in the southerly and southwesterly direction. that will linger through the day tomorrow.
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throughout the day. windchill values, sitting around the upper 20s and lower 30s. it looks nicer than it did yesterday. we will continue to see the clear skies to fill in late tonight we are not tracking any rain our snow. tonight, if you have dinner plans. after dinner plans, you're dry. we go to mostly clear skies, to partly cloudy skies. temperatures will fall in the 30s. we're back in the 40s tomorrow morning, with slight chances of snow much and we'll track the snow and rain chances hour-by-hour coming in 10 minutes. back to you. super tuesday has come and gone. republican and democratic candidates are gearing up for a fight to the finish. front-runner won the most states last night. delegates is what really mattered now. republicans need 1237 to get the nomination. trump leads with 315, followed
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the texas senator got a big boost from three of the super tuesday victories, including his home state which is why he's ut. >> candidates who don't want to delegates. i ask you to prayerful consider our coming together. >> while they did win a state, he sits at 106 delegates. hillary clinton is leading birney sanders by 190 pledged candidates. sanders says he still sees a pledge for victory. all states except vermont spent records for participation. ben carson appears to be closer. he released a statement, he doesn't see a political path forward and he will not attend tomorrow's republican debate.
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one. a case that could have an impact in women's rights.
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5 thousand trips around the >> justices today hear arguments in the most recent supreme court case. it centers on a texas law, abortion doctors have admitting privileges at the hospital. and supporters argue it's for women's safety. opponents say it's designed to shut down clinics. >> this is common sense to us. this is a no-brainer that we would want the highest
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when it comes to the level of surgery. women should have legal right to abortion, but not to drive the hundreds of miles they need to, to get to a clinic. >> the justice's opinion will have an impact on several states that past similar laws. the outcome is harder to predict after the death of justice, scalia. justice kennedy will likely be the swing vote between a 5-3 decision or 4-4 deadlock. if the latter happens, the lower court rule stands. astronaut will fly back home to houston after his out of the world trip literally. he spoke of the unprecedented year in space, after returning to earth last night. his completed mission may pave the way for a trip to mars. >> scott kelley, back on mother earth.
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kazstan. >> year in space starts now. last month, he flew to the international space station and carried out, among other things, countless experiments. he spent an unprecedented 380 days in orbit. the same number of days it would take to get to mars. >> encouraged to the ability to get longer. even though i look forward to am coulding home and there's things i missed, i felt like, if it was for the right reason, i clearly could have stayed. >> last week, he admitted, space is a harsh environment. >> having no running water, it's kind of like i've been in the woods camping for a year. >> during his mission, he flew 150 million miles, made more
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saw more than 700 sunrise s s and sunsets. >> and world doctor set the record 448 in space and that happened in the 90s. for years later, and the scars still run deep.
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continues to move forward after >> it was four years ago this evening, tornadoes ripped through the tri-state. >> and many of us remember the terrible evening. today, rich jaffe returned to moscow, where you could still
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>> the trees in moscow still show signs of the storm, four years later. debris remains clinging to the branches, like the ugly reminder, of the recollection of the night. >> it was like a war zone, almost. trees laying everywhere. my mom's garage was gone. the outside garage was gone. we just seen -- i mean we couldn't really get too far because of the debris and stuff, you know around us. >> the twister jumped across the river, flattening houses and bringing one home lethally down a village resident. even today, some of the old bureau hows remain empty with their scars easy to see. many have the shadows of the evening buried in the foundations. green space growing in its
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and it came here in 52. as our photographer and i were walking up here. this place literally looked like there was a bomb. and the joaquin introduced us to shell-shocked neighbors. james tullen survived the storm in their house. others didn't fair nearly as well. >> i miss the houses, and a lot of people we used to know moved out. moved to different places. i think we missed that. this is one of the towns, everybody helps each other and kind of looks out to each other. >> like an eerie remind he, emergency sirens, as if they'll be ready for the next time. >> 139 tornadoes touched down during the outbreak.
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ohio to florida. and the tornado that hit moscow and another one from hullton, indiana were rated ef 3. ef 4 struck the piner communities in northern kentucky. one person died in an ef 2 tornado that struck a few miles northeast of west union ohio. nothing like that today. today, it was a beautiful day. >> it was. we have a lot of sunshine. temperatures are a little short than average. we will see a huge warm-up, with echl it tures close to 70 for a couple of days. a big warm up on the way. today, we're back in the 20s, like we had this morning. enjoy the sunshine. we have high clouds strolling from the west. we'll be pretty quiet. i don't want you to worry about any rain or snow tonight. we will be chilly. good news, the wind stays pretty quiet.
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clouds increase throughout the evening. winds are 10-12 miles an hour. temperatures and temperatures are around 37 degrees. 38 in sharonville. we're at 33 for wilmington. mid 30s for mazeville, to thalmus and owington. and west union at 35. we will continue to have road temperatures stay well above freezing as well. that's a good thing we saw the sun today, road surface temperatures in the 50s and 60s, even the 70s right now. that will stay fairly warm through tomorrow morning. while we start to see a little snow move our way. right now, we're dry. live precision doppler hd will remain dry for quite some time. most of indiana, seeing high clouds. you have the next system con gening now and that will continue to move eastward, bringing the mixed bag, like we're seeing several times in the last month, both rain and
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it will be snow in the morning. rain in the mixed bag through the afternoon and back to a little bit of snow through the ending. let's show you what we have hour-by-hour. we're mostly clear. i expect to see partly cloudy skies, later tonight. we stay dry for most of the overnight period. there's 11:00. rain and snow to the west. and better chances, move in, later in the morning hours. and toward midday. and now at noon, i think we'll start to see the transition from snow showers, into rain showers. so we'll continue to watch snow showers transition to rain, which is indicated by green here. and then after the evening commute, we'll start to see the mix take place, turning back to a few snow showers. all in all, we're looking at maybe an inch or less. so here's what you need to know through the day tomorrow.
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that will accumulate to maybe around a half an inch. so some isolated slick spots will be possible. we are going to see most of the roads stay dry. the afternoon rain, it doesn't look like a whole lot, we'll be warm enough, we will see the mixture or transition take place during the afternoon hours. and this is going to be little, with any accumulation. all in all, around an inch or less, for the entire total. a lot of this will accumulate in the grassy surfaces. tonight's forecast, it remains dry. 32 at 9:00 and 31 at 11:00. it will be chilly. at least we won't have the wind like last night. tomorrow's forecast, and watch for the lower visibilities.
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bridges and overpasses, elevated surfaces. most roads will be dry. 30s by noon, mix taking place. 40 for a high with rain in the afternoon, changing to snow before ending. friday, we get a break. 42 for a high. next system, brings us the chance for rain or snow. this will not bring us any issues, because we're well above freezing later in the morning and in the afternoon. 50s for sunday. that's the best day of the weekend. monday, 62. 68 on tuesday. rain and 60s with lightning and thunder on wednesday, as the next system moves in. it will warm up quickly for next week. >> is it safe to say, we're safe with winter. >> all next week, it's looking pretty warm. mid-march, 17 or 18th. we're looking about normal. by the time we get to normal, average high temperatures, hit about 50. we should be warming up. >> light at the end of the tunnel.
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>> thanks, erica. >> websites that are supposed to be dig good. are they leaving people in need, vulnerable.
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>> hand in, not a >> people who should get the money don't always wound up with the funds they deserve. tiler was killed in ohio. the next day the 13-year-old's parents say they were consoled by a neighbor they never met.
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website to raise money. >> and we definitely thought she was, you know, a good neighbor. >> that neighbor, tina harper, pleaded guilty to telecommunications fraud. after the parents accused her of pocketing nearly 1 thousand of the nearly 3 thousand raise the sites are increasingly popular ways to raise money, for people who need help, anything from medical to adoption fees. crowd funding sites raise 2 billion, profiting themselves, through fees and percentages of donations. the multi-billion dollars industry is unregulated. >> they insist, incidents of fraud are rare. >> and vast majority of people doing the site. >> go fund me issued a
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something happens one teth of a percent of time. any campaigns, that displays suspicious or untrust worthy behavioral is removed immediately. >> one of ohio's sharon brown asked the federal trade commission, to make sure grieving families are protected. >> tracking fugitives. meet a group of local officers so good at it. we ride along as we find the suspects. >> republicans in kentucky will pick the nominees for president this weekend. only the republicans. only for the change and what it means for voters.
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. >> we get that couple of times a week. >> local fugitives team is tracking hundreds of people on the run. how do they do it? they won't say exactly how they do it. we have the ways, as an explanation of the success, fugitive apprehension team. >> and wanted for felonies on the run. debra dixon tells us a little bit about the secret to success. >> and they've been on the run for aggravated vehicular assault, that nearly killed a driver.
5:31 pm
tracked him here. >> how did you know i was here. >> what the seven member team does, tracks felons on the run. and mixed with a surprise and something else. chill factor. chill doesn't hide their spaces or break down doors. >> most of our faces and know -- and i think we have a lot of respect for the community much we achieve the respect. >> seldom does the team go to a bad address. they are wanted for burglary and car theft. he just left >> we will make sure we track them down. we work as a unit.
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sure we get them. last year, it made 520 arrest. 35 of them for murder. >> just to be able to, have our homicide unit, and the person who killed your loved one. they have been arrested. >> and that's going to be satisfying. >> the team tracked, after eyewitness watched them shoot ex-girlfriend and mother. and crimestoppers, led to valentino pettis, for the murder and robbery of a navy veteran as he walked home from work. and after his indictment for hitting and killing kathy, with his car as he participated in a race. it adds up. so far this year in two months, the team has made 112 arrest. six for murder. >> no egos here.
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well. it's a common goal. here. i'm not going to show the screens. it's sort of secret. gift. what kind of gift. >> we have our ways. >> debra dixon, local 12 news. >> and white head is the man who wasn't there, when the team walked on the door. if you know where he is, there's a reward. if you have any information, call crimestoppers. and they will forward it to the information on the fugitive apprehension team. and drugs, guns and money are found during an investigation that began in fairfield and spread in hamilton county. 23 pounds, confiscated from a storage community. and that led to the search of two residents in hamilton county. investigation ended with 36 thousand in cash, and the pot.
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they are free tonight on bond. >> if you're getting workers compensation benefits, because you were injured on the job. it's best not to be caught working. josh cutler, owes the state of ohio nearly 50 thousand after the surveillance of him surfaced. he was working as a tree trimmer even as he was collecting disability benefits. in addition, to being ordered 47 thousand of restitution, he's been sentenced to year and a half of community control. and police cancelled the search for a missing 13-year-old after she turns up. jasmine was last seen by her family on monday, at 6:00 in the evening. they were concerned but she never disappeared. police say they found him hanging on. >> they are hosting a community forum. consulting company, reviewing in
5:35 pm
dubois. and it led to the resignation of the police chief and major. from 5:00 to 7:00, attend the university center, if you would like to attend. >> it will cost more than 36 thousand to dismantle the exchange. and kentucky connect was set up by former democratic governor, steve brasheer. before he left office, he said it would cost $36 million to dismantle the system. the head of the cabinet, kentucky will move to support the state model. and bill is moving through the kentucky legislature that will ban abortions forfeit 'tis. and the measure would require aborted or miscarried fetuses to be cremated or incured. it was amended to the same language. the democrats argue, the bill
5:36 pm
doctors if they don't want to carry a term with fetus with downs syndrome or another disability. and ham. >> and author by trade. dr. suess is his name. he entertained kids. no two books are the same. today is his birthday. he would be 112. >> 50 thou new one for kids in need. >> is that what the producers had. >> art, color and chickens. what it means for the building in over the rind
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for now. >> remember virginia mcclairen. 106-year-old woman, who went viral. we can't get enough of her. apparently, neither could others much since we're meeting with
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hundreds asked, what they could do to the woman. they will continue their volunteer work and stay active at church. after one day, the campaign raised 6 thousand of that. if you want to know more, we have post add link at under get it links. and another mural is unveiled. this is what it looked like before the artist got to work. they are behind the head of the woods on main street. this is the finished product. two colorful chickens are fighting over the worm. yo-yo carroll. two apprentices, helped get them done. >> local cub scout, to the -- sean nichols is from edgewood. he's part of the national delegation that delivered the
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in washington. and shawna's numerous awards, despite the rare disorder that caused the spinal cord injury as a baby for him. he was the first scout to be part of the delegation, in more than 50 years. >> and battle between the police and firefighters, is helping the families those lost in the line of duty. : group that helped the families. money was raised from a boxing tournament, guns and hoses, that took place at the cas sippo. research. they are going to hold the first lauryn hill 5k spaghetti run. the money raised will go to the cure starts now foundation, dedicated to raising money for brain cancer research. lauren died, from dap, incurable brain cancer. >> complaints for governor
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some people want to do. sit still and pay attention, may not be the best advice. see how the wobbly chair is part of the lesson plan, for helping children learn in the classroom. erica is tracking rain and snow in the area. will it cause any problems for the morning? it's next in the weather authority forecast. if police are going to solve crimes, witnesses need to feel safe and testifying.
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difference th >> ben carson says he doesn't see a political path forward in light of the super tuesday reports. he will attend the republican debate. he said he will continue the grassroots movement, he said
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for future generations. >> hillary clinton's victory puts her halfway to clenching the democratic presidential nomination. bernie sanders says he's far from finish. he's expecting a showdown in michigan later this month. on the republican side, donald trump won. biggest prize is ted cruz. cruz won oklahoma and alaska. marco rubio won minnesota. six newspapers in new jersey, are calling for governor chris christie to resign after the endorsement of donald trump. if he doesn't resign, the people should begin an effort to recall him. all the papers, the same company that owns the cincinnati inquirer. they are fed up with christie's
5:46 pm
he drew cheers, by saying he loves clear coal. thousands attended the rally. trump's appearance came as the state prepares for the presidential caucus on saturday. >> on the heels of super tuesday, republicans will cast their vote. it's not the primary. in a move to accommodate ron paul's desire, and reelection to the senate, republicans opted to have a presidential caucus. if you're confused, local 12, joe webb says you're not alone. >> the phones are busy this week, with questions about the republican presidential caucus this weekend. >> most people are very, very confused. even people who are astute, followed paul, don't understand what's going on. >> a lot of people are not aware there's a caucus. >> even though the caucus is put on by the republican party, most
5:47 pm
they have handouts, directing voters to the website. we have a link at here's the basic information. if you're a registered republican in kentucky, this is very important. there's no republican presidential primary in kentucky this year am they are having what's called a caucus. if you want to vote to nominate a candidate for president, you will have to vote at the caucus, if you're a republican the caucuses are this saturday, from 10:00 to 4:00. and they are not at your regular polling place. if you live in boone county, registered republicans will have it here. all of the county republicans will vote is he summit school and independence. and one polling place in each county, only republicans.
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kentucky's primary may 17th. spread the word. most people haven't had a clue. >> first year hearing about this >> i have no idea hearing about that. that's different. that's very interesting. >> have you heard anything about the kentucky republican presidential caucus? >> no, i have not. >> this saturday? >> okay. >> regular primaries, had very low turnout. this could be a new low. >> based on the volume here, close to 5 percent, 6 percent >> at least the results should be easy to count. joe webb, local 12 news. >> good evening, to you. we're going to see a pretty nice evening on tap. lots of sunshine, as we look live at the atrium medical center.
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temperatures are rounding out, below normal. and we do have a 40 degree, and most in the mid to upper 30s right now. we fall to the 20s later tonight. be prepared for a chilly evening. at least we don't have the win like we had last evening. we have a huge warm-up coming our way. take a look at this, at the temperature trend. the big warm-up arrives later this weekend, 50s on sunday, 60s next week. we stay pretty warm all next week. even in the middle of march, it's being looing pretty warm. once we get to monday, average temperatures start to get to 50 degrees. that's where we should be. i think they will stick around for a little longer than we usually see them. and live doppler hd, we stay dry. an area of high pressure has cleared us pretty nicely in the afternoon and evening.
5:50 pm
clouds stream from the west. this is the next system here. a mixture of snow and rain as you see in iowa. this will continue to move eastward, bringing us the chances for snow first and as we get warmer through the day, we're looking at the transition over to rain and back to snow as we get colder. tonight's forecast, it remains dry. we will be chilly. lower 30s, 8:00, 9:00, 10:00, with increasing clouds, especially after midnight. let's take you to the next couple of days, hour-by-hour. here's the next couple of evenings. you see a little blue showing up early tomorrow morning. it's going to be isolated snow flurries and snow showers. mid to late morning, we'll start to see the chances for precipitation to increase. i expect to be cold enough, we
5:51 pm
least noon and we'll see a mix take place through the afternoon, before changing to rain in some portions of the tri-state. now blue is snow. green is rain. so by 4:00, 5:00, we are looking at plain old rain i think for at least everyone am we're a little colder, up to the far north, liberty, indiana. that's where we will see snow overall. overall, we're looking at a round an inch or less, with isolated totals, a little more than an inch. that's in the northern, northwestern viewing area. it depends on the placement of the low pressure system. if it goes south, it will be colder. i think the road conditions will be great throughout the day. and really rm what, the temperatures opt ground up. and tomorrow, i think we'll see isolated slick spots. twenties.
5:52 pm
we may have to add a few flurries. right now, we have us dry. another system brings us rain and snow on saturday. we'll be well above freezing. and 50s for sunday. that's going to be the best day of the two weekend days. next week, monday, tuesday, wednesday, we're into the 60s and we're there for quite some time. monday and tuesday, it's pretty quiet. wednesday, we'll track rain and some storms. >> we have a stretch. >> thanks. >> can't light up here.
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>> survivor airs at >> american heart association's heart mini is about ten days away.
5:55 pm
and a special program that's saving lives. >> medical report he, made a difference, at least one man and babe a. >> the mom got amazing care for cardiac in the tri-state. it's one of the handful in the country, that coordinates with cardiologist and women's health specialist, high risk for pregnancy, due to high problems, little miracle. >> she's a miracle. >> and zack and katie, celebrates every day with annabel. she's now 6-month old. >> and it's been quite a journey to get her to the place. the family had a whole lot of help and some special medical people, who made her feel really welcome and really wanted, huh. >> my life, as a child, i was always told, it's kind of iffy,
5:56 pm
>> by the time katie was referred to bill shepner, who heads a team here from internal cardiac care. she knew the odds of having a healthy baby were not in her favor. . >> basically, they came from the right ventrical. that was surgically corrected as an infant. could pose problems. >> and she gave the go ahead for katie and zack. with careful monitoring, during the pregnancy. >> there's situations, even in the stable setting of a mom who is doing relatively well for baby, it may not be getting enough blood supply. >> katie admits, she had to take it wuj day at a time. >> and the specialist at the
5:57 pm
they give mom careful honoring and sure enough for annabel. >> katy is so great, her heart appears to have no additional damage. >> looks like she's a success story. >> i would say >> enough to say, when is number two coming? >> got to love that. the family, part of a team supporting women and heart disease. and, click on get it now link. >> and money raised will go to funds research and education here in the tri-state. teacher who is always
5:58 pm
succeed, latest tool is a wobble chair. kids who are fidgety. and she started seeing the benefits right away >> definitely engages their brain. they have to think about being on the chair and it moves. they have to think about it more than sitting on a regular chair. >> i like part of that. we can spin around. i think the reason why, we're focusing so that we can move around and another one, we can't move around. >> move around but you can't move around much han says she has 8 wobble chairs. she says she would like to buy one for every student who needs one. >> here's rob and cammy, local 12 news, live at 6:00. terrifying moments. lightning fast action. >> and just that.
5:59 pm
>> and at 6:00, we break down events, minute by minute, after a student open fires at school. >> never quit. never quit. keep going. a path out of poverty. the program that could empower thousands of people is drawing some criticism. >> indentation to hack the pentagon. why the health department is playing with the security breach. >> local 12 news. >> this morning, when i woke her up, she immediately was a nervous and my stomach hurts. i don't want to go. i said, you'll be fine. >> students deal with the emotion including fear as they return to school for the first time, since the classmate open fire in the cafeteria. just two days after the shooting that injured four students. counselors were on hand to help them. >> the classes were cancelled on
6:00 pm
austin hancock fired sho . larry davis covered it since the beginning. what the parents and students are saying about the first day back. >> they couldn't have asked for a better day. attendance was 90 percent. he says, there was not many students who talked to the counselor. many said, they are glad they did because it brought everyone closer together >> there was a touch of anxiety in the air as students returned to class this morning. two days earlier, police say austin hancock shot and wounded two students and injured two others. lucas flagger was in the cafeteria when it happened. >> i noticed since kindergarten. i noticed, seeing someone, known for that ng lo, pulled a gun and


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